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New Antivirus Software System

#1 anti-virus software advising tool

Help users to select best software depending on user's needs

Help users understand antivirus software terms.


With the advance in technology, more affordable prices on computer equipment, and the availability that the internet provides to common daily tasks such as bank on line, purchasing items on the internet, email or chating with your friends online, checking for a book or a show time on a movie in your neighborhood theater, more people are buying more than one computer for their personal use. This common usage of the Internet has opened doors for cyber crimes. Computers are the targets from different types of crimes, including:

  • Viruses that infect files deleting their contents or wiping out the whole hard drive
  • Remote attack that steal user’s identity or user’s information
  • Spywares that monitor users browsing activity to collect information on the user and redirect their web browsing activity or interfere with the user control on the computer
Problem Solution Product Information
Protecting the computer is a need and a must nowadays. With so many different products in the market, users may not know what software to purchase or what features they need in order to protect their computers. Users need a software management tool to give them information on the different types of antivirus software in the market Compare the different features the software provide, explain the different terms used by this vendors so the user can decide what software is better for them. This product gives you information on the different types of produts for protecting your computer. It provides the list of the different features found on each of the software protected. It also explains the different terms used on this products so the user can understand what they mean. It also provides a tool with the different options so the user can decide what to product to buy in order to protect their computer
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